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Captions AI

What is this tool? is an AI-powered creative studio that simplifies the creative process and helps you elevate your storytelling to new heights. It is an feature-packed tool for content creators. It is an AI video generator and editor. It offers a range of features that include: AI Script Writer, AI Avatar, AI Music, AI Visual Editing, AI Trim. It is perfect for content creators who want to create professional-looking videos without spending too much time on the creative process.

Key Features

  • AI Script writer: Write scripts for your videos, making the creative process easier and more efficient.

  • Recording & production: Record and produce your videos within the app.

  • AI Avatar Camera & Teleprompter: Use their AI Avatar or camera & teleprompter feature to create your own professional-looking videos.

  • AI Voiceover & Voice cloning: Add voiceovers to your videos using AI-generated voices or by cloning your own voice.

  • AI correct to perfection: Automatically correct any mistakes in your video’s captions or subtitles.

  • AI Compress Videos: Optimize your videos

  • Add Subtitles: Add captions at the click of a button

  • AI Trim: Trim filler words like “uhms”, “uhhs”, and pauses in speech, making your videos more concise and engaging.

  • Visual editing & Cinematography: This feature provides a range of visual editing tools to help you create stunning videos.

  • AI Music: Add music to your videos using AI-generated tracks.

  • Effects: This feature provides a range of sound effects to help bring your videos to life.

  • AI Director: Add automatic zoom in and out

  • AI LipDub: Change lip sync even after recording

  • AI Dubbing: Dub your video into multiple languages.

  • AI Color Scheme: Generate color scheme with just a prompt

  • AI Rotoscoping and background remover: Cut out objects


Captions AI is a powerful tool that can help you create studio-grade videos in just a few taps. It offers two subscription types: Captions Pro and Captions Max.

Captions Pro is currently available on iOS, and provides you with unlimited access to every feature, including automatic captions and AI dubbing, all AI features, all manual editing features, script generator, teleprompter, camera, and AI shorts. Captions Pro can be purchased either as a monthly or yearly service. The yearly subscription comes with a discount - no discount code needed.

Captions Max is coming soon and is intended for businesses.

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