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The 9 Types of AI Animation Generators: Must-know For Content Creators

AI Animation Generators: Anime girl praying

AI Animation Generators are taking the stage. From text-to-animation to real-life cartoon videos, the AI-powered animation tools are content creator's new superpower.

With the emergence of AI (artificial intelligence), the world of animation will undergo a remarkable transformation. We will soon say goodbye to the laborious manual work needed in creating captivating animations.

As a content creator or marketer, you always want the best tools to make your work easier, creative, and interesting. This blog is your guide to the nine AI animation software that are changing content creation in the digital age.

Here, we'll explore AI animation, how it's different from traditional animation, and the various AI animation generators. So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on this insightful journey into the future of animation!


Traditional animation versus AI animation

Traditional animation and AI animation represent two distinct eras of animation that offer different techniques and processes.

Traditional Animation

This form of animation requires significant amount of manual labor, as each frame needs to be hand-drawn by the animators. This can be a time-consuming process, often resulting in slower production times. Furthermore, the quality of animation is dependent on the skills and talents of individual animators.

AI Animation

Artificial Intelligence streamlines the animation process, automating many manual tasks. For example,

  • AI tools can generate keyframes automatically.

  • These tools can create smooth animations by generating frames between two images.

  • AI can also simplify the process of rigging - creating skeleton for 3D models.

  • AI can automate lip-syncing, where AI tools can sync the character's lips with the audio.

Thus AI-powered tools can quickly and efficiently create animations, reducing the production time significantly. They also offer uniform quality, reducing human errors.

Moreover, AI animation tools often come with user-friendly interfaces, enabling even those with no animation background to create stunning visuals.

Types of AI Animation Generator Tools

AI animation creators can be broadly classified into a few categories, each offering unique features and capabilities. These include:

1. AI 2D Animation Generators

"Create 2D animation videos quickly

These tools use AI to create 2D character animations. They are excellent tools for creating explainer videos, ads, or short films. Content creators also use these 2D animation AI tools to create engaging videos or cartoons.

Vyond and Steve AI are prime examples of this category. With these tools users can create animated videos with no prior animation skills. They can enter script and let AI generate character animations with automatic lip sync. Many of these tools also provide AI-scripting, AI-enabled voiceovers, and scene transitions.

Steve AI Text-to-Animate AI Tool
Steve AI Text-to-Animate AI Tool

2. AI 3D Animation Generators

"Create stories in 3D spaces

These AI tools also known as AI cartoon video maker, help create animations in 3D environments. This AI-driven approach to storytelling enables users to express their creativity without the need for technical animation skills.

Plotagon and Wordseyeworld are examples of such tools. Plotagon uses AI technology to create animated videos based on written text. Users write a story, and the AI system translates the text into an animated video, with 3D characters, voiceover, and actions.

Plotagon AI 3D character animation
Plotagon AI 3D character animation

3. Automatic Character Animation Tools

"Automate character lip-sync

These AI tools specialize in automating the lip-syncing process for any type of character avatar.

The animation AI generators such as D-ID, AiTubo, GliaStar, ArtFlow are early tools in this category. They are able to take the text or audio and convert the character image into an animated video. Such animated image AI tools enable creators to create innovative character videos.

D-ID AI generated lip-sync animation
D-ID AI generated lip-sync animation

4. Facial Recognition and Motion Capture Tools

"Animate facial movements quickly

These tools leverage AI motion graphics generator to capture and recreate human facial expressions and movements, lending unparalleled realism to animations.

Animaze by FaceRig and Adobe Character Animator are prime examples of this type of technology. These tool use facial recognition and motion capture technology to transform facial movements into animated characters.

AI motion graphics generator (Adobe character animator)
AI motion graphics generator (Adobe character animator)

5. 3D Character Full-body Motion Tools

"Animate full-body 3D characters

These tools specialize in generating dynamic character movements in 3D characters like the Ready Player Me avatars. These AI animation generators interpret real-world movements, and with machine learning they apply movements on digital characters. This allows for a more natural and lifelike representation of characters.

An example of this type is DeepMotion, an AI tool that uses physics-based simulations to create realistic 3D character animations.

Deepmotion AI 3D character animation
Deepmotion AI 3D character animation

6. AI-assisted Animation Tools

"Animate 2D-characters and backgrounds quickly

These tools use AI to help make attractive animations, with features like character movements, color matching, and layout design.

This category includes software such as Canva. Canva uses AI to animate objects, suggest layouts, generate color palettes, and provide a library of templates. These templates adjust to your content.

Canva. AI-assisted animation.
Canva. AI-assisted animation.

7. Animated Images AI Tools

"Create animated videos with a series of images

These tools employ AI to generate stunning, unique animations and graphics.

DeepArt, for instance, uses AI to transform photographs into works of art in the style of famous painters. This enables creators to produce visually striking content with just a few clicks. MidJourney enables users to create multiple zoomed out version of pictures. Creators use such pictures to create stunning animations.

Another example, Neural Frames is a one-stop AI animation video tool, which generates quality animations from images. Users enter text to create images and in real-time the tool converts it into an animated video.

8. AI-Based Video Cartoonizer Tools

"Transform real human videos into cartoon style

These tools harness the power of AI to turn real human videos into stylized, cartoon-like animations. By imitating the artistry of hand-drawn cartoons, these tools bring a unique, artistic flair to video content.

For instance, Kaiber uses AI to convert real-life videos into animation. Similarly, Synthetik leverages machine learning to create artistic, cartoon-like renditions of human videos. These tools can turn regular videos into animated masterpieces, giving creators more possibilities to explore.

9. Drag and Drop Animation Tools

In addition to these AI-based animation tools, there are several drag and drop animation tools that creators use. Some of the leading tools include Animaker, RenderForest, PowToon, Doodly, Toonly, and VideoScribe. These are robust tools with several characters, templates and visual effects. Though they have limited generative AI capabilities to automatically create dynamic videos.


The evolution of AI animation will transform the animation industry and also empower the content creators.

With animation generator AI tools, beginners would be able to create high quality 2D and 3D animations quickly. In addition, AI tools will bring new creativity and visual expression, from artistic videos to cartoon footage of real life.

As these technologies continue to evolve, the possibilities for what we can create would be boundless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I create animation using AI?

Yes, with advancements in technology, AI tools can create various types of animations. These can range from real-life cartoon videos to 2D and 3D character animations.

What is an AI animation generator?

An AI animation generator is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to create animated videos or images. AI animation apps can generate content from scratch, or they can create animations from existing content. There are various AI tools for animation such as Vyond and Steve AI which can help create professional animations.

What is an AI cartoon video maker?

An AI cartoon video maker is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create animated videos quickly and easily. These tools can make cartoon videos from photos, text, and existing video clips. The AI cartoon video maker can even generate characters to match your script and dialogue automatically.

How can I create cartoon videos with AI?

Creating cartoon videos with AI is possible with the help of animation AI software. Beginners can use tools such as Vyond and Steve AI to create 2D cartoon videos.

How can I create animation videos?

Creating AI animation videos is becoming increasingly easy with the help of modern technology and software. Research the type of AI generated animation you would like to create and use the relevant tool. The animation types can vary from 2D to 3D character animations to animated image video clips.

How can I create an animated character?

You can create the character by AI image tools like MidJourney. Further you can animate the character by using AI lip-syncing tools like D-ID.

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